Sol+Guard 500

Sol+Guard 500 Solar Cover

The Sol+Guard 500 Micron transparent swimming pool cover material transmits 80% of the sun's energy in the visual and IR spectrum to heat the water in your pool. The unique profile of the GeoBubble technology provides buoyancy and an insulative air gap to control heat transfer. By covering your pool with this material, evaporation is reduced by over 98%, resulting in the preservation of water and temperature. 

Covering your pool also prevents dirt and debris from getting into your pool, maintaining your swimming environment and reducing chemical demand.  

There is a charge for shaping, and a cut out charge and shaping for a bay. Ensure you review what's available to you in the Finishing Options section.  

NB There is approximately a 12-14 day manufacturing time. 

Full Description


  • 500 Micron
  • Helps to reduce heating and maintenance costs
  • Helps to reduce energy and water usage
  • Sol+Guard 180 is formulated for climate conditions in various continents of the world depending on ultra violet weathering intensity
  • Increases pool temperature by up to 6°C through solar energy gain
  • Eliminates water evaporation by over 98%
  • Reduces chemical consumption by up to 40%
  • Reduces debris contamination
  • Available in a woven top sheet for extra strength 
  • 6 year pro rata warranty (UK & Eire only)
Sol+Guard 500Sol+Guard PropertiesSolar energy gain using a SolGuard+ CoverHeat retentionEliminate evaporation with a  SolGuard+ Cover

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