Concrete Main drain

Certikin Main Drains

Main Drains for Concrete and Liner Pool Installation

Full Description

    • With a brand new mould and taking advantage of improvements in technology since 1968 (when the original Certikin Main Drain was first made) the new Certikin Main Drain has the same consistent quality as the other Certikin ABS white goods.

    • Current recommendations state that every pool should have at least two Main Drains. Therefore, at least one Main Drain on every pool will need the bottom port sealed off - that’s why the new Certikin Main Drain body has a knock-out blanking plate in the bottom port to save you time and money on site.

    • On commercial or shallow pool applications stainless steel main drain grilles must be used. Recommendation - Main drains must be arranged so that there is no risk of bathers being drawn towards them or trapped there. It is recommended that on all installations a minimum of 2 main drains are installed 2 metres apart
Liner Main drain

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