Calorex Variheat Series 3

The Calorex Variheat Series 3 is a  comprehensive system that will control humidity and air and water heating for an indoor swimming pool.

Full Description


Product description

There are many factors to consider when planning and designing an indoor swimming pool or spa. These include safeguarding the building structure from condensation and optimising the internal environment for the safety and comfort of bathers. Calorex Variheat units are purpose built environmental control units which remove the moisture whilst at the same time converting three times the amount of power used into usable heat.

• Modular design allows complete flexibility, even in the smallest of plant rooms
• PLC touch screen control with remote monitoring and set point controls included as standard
• State of the art fans ensure the right air flow is introduced, thus power consumption is minimised
• Quiet operation
• Compared to more traditional methods, running cost savings of over 50% are achievable
• 2 year on-site parts and labour warranty
• Supported by a nationwide network of service engineers for total peace of mind

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