Speck badujet wave

Speck Badujet Wave

The Built in Swimming pool wave current creator Badu Jet Wave is an ideal product for sports swimming in a private pool.

Full Description


- A high performance 'built-in' unit with a high gloss finish and LED lighting

- Installed during the construction process and suitable for all pool types, the wave provides endless swimming in the smallest of pools

- In addition to making a pool more fun for swimmers, the wave can also be used for aqua aerobics, underwater massage or as a great source of aquatic fun

- The Wave pump draws water in through the many openings located within the nozzle housing before jetting it as a powerful stream of water back into the pool via a directional nozzle.

- The jet nozzle swivels 60 degrees in each direction allowing the stream of water to be adjusted to suit individual swimmer requirements

- A pneumatic on/off switch is incorporated into the housing together with the regulator for the air-intake, which gives a sparkling bubble effect


Ball valve kit

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