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Fluvo Counter Current Units - CG700 Remote Model

The Fluvo Rondo CG700 Remote Model Counter Current Unit is a great way to build up your physical fitness. With fully adjustable water flow and air flow, you can create strong jet streams to train against, or gentle bubbles for a relaxing massage.

Full Description

Simple to control and adjust, the Rondo is designed for domestic swimming pools, and can be installed remotely in pools where the pump can not be located in a pit directly behind the pool wall.


  • This Certikin counter current unit is designed for all types of pools.
  • The unit creates a current which you can swim against, good to keep you fit.
  • The Rondo counter current comes with separate rotary buttons for the air and water adjustment, to provide the desired setting.
  • Fluvo systems are one of the best counter current units on the market.
  • The CG700 has hoses on the back going to a pump which can be remotely mounted. Remote can sit up to 5m away from pool wall.


  • A complete Fluvokit requires separate orders for;
  • Motor - 1.5kW or 1.9kW
  • Installation Kit
  • Rondo Faceplate Kit



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