Abriblue open surf system

The Ariblue Open Surf System

OPEN Surf System is suitable for almost all existing or new pools.


Full Description

OPEN Surf System Mobility for more freedom. This innovative system frees up the swimming area during use and the pool deck after securing the pool. OPEN Surf System covers oval, polygonal and kidney shaped pools, etc.

Allows the passage of obstacles protruding by 130 mm maximum in relation to the rail installation surface.

Comfortable and practical

Slatted cover easily operated by one single person.

Declutchable motor, equipped with travel stops, for rolling up the apron.

1 Perfect alignment Rails guide the cover perfectly during its movement guaranteeing perfect alignment with the apron in relation to the pool and identify reference positions for the start of rolling.

2  Two models Cabled or stand-alone version, depending on the pool's configuration and the required movement distance. Safety A safety device that prevents the apron from unrolling outside of the pool.

Resting position slatted cover locking mechanism.

3 Cover lock safety attachment easy to use with its ergonomic trigger system. Optional.

4 Ecological

5 High-efficiency photovoltaic panel slatted cover power supply.

6 Available as cabled or stand alone.

7 Pool sizes from 3 x 3m up to 7.5 x 15m


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