Abriblue diver 2

The Abriblue Diver Cover

The new Abriblue DIVER COVER is a new invisible, fully integrated top of the range version of the submerged cover range.



Full Description

The DIVER COVER has the mechanisms located at the bottom of the pool for exceptional operation. The duckboards of the horizontal slatted cover can, after unlocking, pivot for easy access to the mechanisms, making maintenance and cleaning operations easy.

The DIVER COVER  model comes with two motorisations : dry box or submerged axial, please contact the office to recommend which system will best suit your pool. The structure is made from 316L stainless steel to guarantee the mechanical strength required for these applications and reinforced corrosion resistance.

Pool sizes from 3 x 3m up to 6 x 12m, maximum roller shaft depth 1.6m.

with the DIVER COVER you can:

- Obtain the perfect look by building into the pool.

- Maintain a high water level (particularly suitable for infinity pools).

- Create a submerged corner seat at the lowest of costs.

- Use a large number of configurations.

- Adapt it to existing or projected pools.

An opening along the width of the pool, between 6-9cm, allows the slatted cover's slats to unroll and roll up effortlessly.

The DIVER COVER is designed to be built into pools with square corners, in the case of rounded corners, a rear section (shelf with guides) will be required.

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