Vortex 1

Vortex 1 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

A very compact and stylish cleaner reduced in size and weight for easy handling. Its streamline design enables it to reach all zones of the swimming pool bottom for an impeccable cleaning result.

Eco friendly - Low energy consumption (50 - 75W)

A very hygienic and easy to clean filter compartment.

Full Description


Key Features of the Vortex 1:

  • 1 x Motor set at 30 degree angle
  • VORTEX Technology: powerful and constant cyclonic suction throughout the cleaning cycle.
  • Debris particles remain in suspension preventing them sticking to filter walls and clogging the filter
  • Bottom only cleaner
  • For use on concrete, liner and tiled pools
  • Comes with a 15m floating cable and swivel to prevent tangling
  • Cleans pools up to  10m x 5m
  • 2 hour cleaning cycle
  • Low space occupation and minimum weight for easy handling and practical stowing.
  • Practical hygienic, easy to empty filter tray
  • Very low power consumption
  • 2 ergonomic design transport handles
  • Integrated mini-brush
  • A very hygienic and easy to clean filter compartment

2 Year warranty

Zodiac vortex 1
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