Dolphin Bio Suction is the first and only automatic solution for maintaining both Bio and Natural Pools. Advanced technologies deliver precise scanning with built in Gyro and smart sensors which identify nearby walls ensures full coverage in minimal time without interruption.

Dolphin Bio

The Dolphin Bio from Maytronics is the first automated solution for the maintenance of natural swimming pools.


It combines the finest proven technology and design from Dolphin together with additional features for this particular type of pool. The Dolphin Bio (patent pending) offers one of the best cleaning solutions for swimming pools of up to 15 m (60 ft.).


It enhances the «sanitizing» action of the regeneration zone by efficiently removing leaves and other debris with the help of its internal filter or the external vacuum system (3 function options), and scrubs the bottom, walls and water line. It has a unique triple-action brush system with two organic brushes and another double-speed brush that ensure perfect hygiene. Its built-in gyroscope and intelligent sensors, which detect nearby walls and allow the robot to circumvent the regeneration zone, cleans he entire pool in a minimum of time without stopping.

The cleaning programme can be set with the timer, and one can defer start-up, and also choose between the various programmes with the remote control, allowing one total freedom.


A special intensive organic programme prevents turbidity (clouded water), leaving naturally clean and clear water. The Dolphin Bio is, very simply, efficient, reliable and easy to use and maintain.

Bio pool, natural pool, eco-pool, organic pool, whatever you want to call them, they are becoming more popular as people care more about the environment and reduce their chemical consumption.

  • The triple action brush head actively scrubs dirt algae and bacteria from your bio pools surface even if slippery or uneven.
  • Versatile cleaning options include internal filtration and option to use your pools vacuum line to improve performance even further!
  • Gyro and smart sensors scan your pool area to calculate the most efficient route to take, and thoroughly covers all areas of your pool.
  • Weekly timers gives an automated cleaning schedule - this makes it even easier to keep your pool clean!
  • 2, 3 or 4 hour cleaning cycles
  • 18m Heavy duty cable
  • Includes caddy and remote control
  • 2 Year standard warranty (excludes brushes)
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