Pentair Bluefury Lite pool cleaner

Pentair Bluefury Lite Pool Cleaner Complete with 1 HP Booster Pump

The Bluefury Lite inground Pool Cleaner by Pentair is a sporty and technologically advanced design with 30% faster cleaning speed than any other pressure side cleaner.

Full Description

Pressure-side inground pool cleaner

The BLUEFURY® LITE Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner puts cleaning into high gear with its sleek styling and aggressive pursuit of dirt and debris. Its sporty and technologically-advanced design earns the BLUEFURY® cleaner the checkered flag. With 30% faster cleaning speed than any other pressure side cleaner.

Operating the BLUEFURY® cleaners is quick and simple too, just attach to your dedicated pressure line and watch it go to work.

Combine the BLUEFURY® pressure cleaner with a 5 stage Boost-Rite EVO booster pump for maximum performance.

  • 4 Venturi jets
  • Front rotating brush scrubs and scours for a deep and detailed clean
  • Large intake captures debris of all sizes
  • Cleans continuously in forward and reverse modes for complete, uninterrupted coverage
  • Internal back up valve
  • Industries largest vacuum Tube - 40% larger vacuum tube (1 inch larger in diameter)
  • Ultra bright LED lights (water turbine powered) illuminate and enhances nighttime cleaning
  • Including flow gauge to set cleaner speed
  • 2 year warranty


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