High level enclosures are suitable for customer who would like to walk under the enclosure or even create a lovely leisure space. Thanks to IPC advanced sliding system you can slide individual segments in both directions. In matter of minutes the whole enclosure can be retracted back away from the swimming pool area.

Orient with timber frame

IPC Orient Pool Enclosure

This fascinating model is ideal for round pools. The hemispheric shape guarantees a high degree of insulation for the pool and also improves heat retention.

From £0.00 for 7m diameter - 4mm Polycarbonate

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IPC Laguna enclosure

IPC Laguna Enclosure

The Laguna is stunning - the perfect pool enclosure.

Every IPC enclosure is built to the highest specification so each segment slides smoothly and effortlessly.

From £0.00 for 6.4m x 4m x 2.2m - 3 segment

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320 oceanic high 01 800x600

IPC Oceanic - High Version Enclosure

Are you looking for traditionaly shaped enclosure? Oceanic is the solution - lovely old school design but made of modern, rounded aluminium profiles with unique dual sealing system between segments.

From £0.00 for Oceanic High Enclosure

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375 olympic 56 F 800x600

IPC Olympic Enclosure

The premium enclosure - The Olympic, unique in both function and form. Its structure consists of 1 or 2 semi-domes (rounded parts). Its central (core) part is made up of classic enclosure segments. The primary benefit of this model is free movement under the entire roofed area.

From £0.00 for Olympic Enclosure

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405 Ravena33CZ 800x600

IPC Ravena Enclosure

The shape of the Ravena ensures easy movement along three sides of the swimming pool.

From £0.00 for Ravena Enclosure

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599 venezia 09 HU 800x600

IPC Venezia Enclosure

Venezia is very spacious enclosure. Thanks to the almost vertical sides you can easily walk on both sides of your pool.

From £0.00 for Venezia Enclosure

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36470 Vision 12 GB 1 800x600

IPC Vision Enclosure

The shape of this high line model was inspired by the low enclosure Corona.

From £0.00 for Vision Enclosure

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The Aquacomet Harmonie Enclosure from Certikin

This is a high level sliding enclosure that allows the pool to be used whilst in the closed position.

Please phone for a quote.

From £0.00 for The Harmonie Enclosure

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The Aquacomet Creative Enclosure from Certikin

The Creative Enclosure is designed to be mounted against a house or a wall.

Please phone for a quote.

From £0.00 for The Creative Enclosure

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Endless summer

The Aquacomet Endless Summer Enclosure from Certikin

ENDLESS SUMMER enclosures can be opened for their entire length on all sides of the pool with upwards sliding doors.

Please phone for a quote.

From £0.00 for The Endless Summer Enclosure

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The Aquacomet Orion Enclosure from Certikin

The Orion is a full height opening enclosure with vertical side walls.

Please phone for a quote.

From £0.00 for The Orion Enclosure

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