A fabulous range of Low level swimming pool enclosures from IPC. With the the low design you can enjoy the garden view and all the benefits of enclosed pool - swimming under the structure while the weather is not so pleasant and on hot days simply slide the enclosure off the pool and have open swimming pool.

Elegant enclosure

IPC Elegant Enclosure

The low profile of the Elegant pool enclosure allows for protected swimming without spoiling the view. 

One of our most popular low swimming pool enclosures. Elegant is as the name suggest a very elegant enclosure which thanks to its low height blends within garden. 

From £0.00 for 5.25 x 13m Elegant Enclosure 10mm Poly

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Imperia with white frame glass effect and 10mm poly

IPC Imperia Neo Light Enclosure

A low profile swimming pool enclosure that will blend beautifully into any setting.

From £0.00 for 7 x 14.9m Standard Imperia 10mm Poly

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174 corona 30 CZ 800x600

IPC Corona Enclosure

There is nothing like the original design of the lowest swimming pool enclosure CORONA. The main features of this enclosure are the arched roof and vertical sides. Relax and enjoy swimming in your covered swimming pool which completely blends in with your garden.

From £0.00 for Corona

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360 oceaniclow  22 A 800x600

IPC Oceanic - Low Enclosure

The Swimming pool enclosure that is the Oceanic-low has a traditional shape. The Frame of this enclosure is made of new (beautifuly rounded) aluminium profiles.

From £0.00 for Oceanic Low

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421 riviera 01 800x600

IPC Rivera Enclosure

Are you looking for a pool enclosure WITHOUT RAILS? IPC has the solution -  low level swimming pool enclosure Riviera.

From £0.00 for Rivera

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1203 viva 3 canarias E 800x600

IPC Viva Enclosure

A new type of swimming pool enclosure which is not only extremely low but also has a very unique feature- RAIL ONLY ON ONE SIDE (wheels on other).

From £0.00 for Viva

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Sun enclosure 2

The Aquacomet Sun Enclosure From Certikin

This Medium level swimming pool enclosure offers a compact solution that will not obstruct the views from the property yet will keep the pool safe when not in use and help keep the pool water clean, warm and ready to swim in.

Please Phone for a Quote.

From £0.00 for The Sun Enclosure

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Star enclosure

The Aquacomet Star Enclosure From Certikin

The Star Enclosure has a lower profile than the Sun and is therefore integrated with any background.

Please phone for a quote.

From £0.00 for The Star Enclosure

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The Aquacomet Visual Enclosure from Certikin

The low structure and minimalist lines of the Visual fit perfectly into elegant gardens.

Please phone for a quote.

From £0.00 for The Visual Enclosure

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Thumbs horizont

The Aquacomet Horizontal Enclosure from Certikin

The lowest level moving enclosure available from Aquacomet.

Please phone for a quote.

From £0.00 for The Horizontal Enclosure

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A Q box diy

AQ Box DIY Pool Enclosure

The AQ Box from Aqua Comet Standard sized swimming pool enclosures delivered from stock. The cheapest, easiest and fastest way to own a high quality pool enclosure.


From £0.00 for AQ Box DIY Pool Enclosure

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