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IPC Corona Enclosure

There is nothing like the original design of the lowest swimming pool enclosure CORONA. The main features of this enclosure are the arched roof and vertical sides. Relax and enjoy swimming in your covered swimming pool which completely blends in with your garden.

Full Description

Technical Specification

  • Width of enclosure: 3.0 - 6.0 m
  • Length of enclosure: 4.2 - 14.9 m
  • Height of enclosure: 0.43 - 1.14 m
  • Number of segments: 2 - 7

Profile surfacing:

elox C-0 (silver)RAL 9006
white RAL 9010RAL 9010
beige RAL 1015RAL 1015
anthracite DB 703DB 703
brown - antiqueantique


jkompaktní, tl. 4 mm, průhledný, s UV stabilizací, U=5,4 W/m²K compact, transparent polycabonate, 4 mm, with UV protection, U=5,4 W/m² K

Guide rails

guide rails in the length of an enclosure
PROGRES - výška 15 mm

PROGRES - height 15 mm, surfacing color - natural elox or beige RAL 1015

  • The front face made from polycarbonate and aluminium profiles
  • 1 pcs of a lateral door placed in the biggest segment, according to the client´s request
  • Draft seal on the front and back face up to the height of 100mm
  • The locking system PROGRES
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MaterialAluminium, Polycarbonate
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