1203 viva 3 canarias E 800x600

IPC Viva Enclosure

A new type of swimming pool enclosure which is not only extremely low but also has a very unique feature- RAIL ONLY ON ONE SIDE (wheels on other).

Full Description

Ideal for customers who would like to slide the whole enclosure very easily (thanks to the rail) but also one side of the enclosure without any rail.

Technical parameters

  • Width of enclosure:3,0 - 6,0 m
  • Length of enclosure:4,20 – 14,90 m
  • Height of enclosure:0,52 - 1,23 m
  • Number of segments:2 - 7

Profile surfacing:

elox C-0 (silver)RAL 9006
white RAL 9010RAL 9010
beige RAL 1015RAL 1015
anthracite DB 703DB 703
brown - antiqueantique


jkompaktní, tl. 4 mm, průhledný, s UV stabilizací, U=5,4 W/m²K compact, transparent, 4 mm, with both-sides UV protection of face and lateral side, U=5,4 W/m² K

Guide rails:

guide rails in the full length of an enclosure
PROGRES - výška 15 mm

PROGRES - height 15 mm, surfacing color - natural elox or beige RAL 1015


  • Lift up part in face, other modifications of front face in the biggest segment only
  • Lockable handle or hand rail
  • Lift up draft seal only on faces
  • Sealing brush on front faces 4, 6, 8,10 cm
  • Sealing brush on front faces 12, 15 cm
  • Safety lock FORTIS, INNOX or ARX
1204 viva 7 CZ 800x6001205 viva 11 CZ 800x6001206 viva 12 CZ 800x6001207 viva 14 CZ 800x6001208 viva 17 CZ 800x6001209 viva 25 GR 800x6001210 viva 28 GR 800x6001211 viva 30 CZ 800x6001212 viva 32 CZ 800x6001213 viva 34 CZ 800x6001214 viva 39 A  800x6001215 viva 47 A 800x6001216 viva 48 CZ 800x60036360 Viva 54 A 1 800x60036361 Viva 61 F 1 800x60036362 Viva 64 A 1 800x60036363 Viva 69 CZ 1 800x60036364 Viva 72 CZ 1 800x60036365 Viva 95 A 1 800x60036366 Viva 103 A 1 800x600653 viva 01 CZ 800x600655 viva 49 CZ 800x600657 viva 18 CZ 800x600
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