Wf range

ATG UV System - WF Range

The world's most compact medium pressure UV system for swimming pools and aquatics. With optimised hydraulic performance for increased efficiency and special TWISTLOK lamp design for enhanced safety, the WF series offers both significant installation and operational benefits.

Full Description

Performance Advantages

  • Chemical free, green disinfection solution
  • 9,000 hour lamp life
  • Automatic power stepping 100% - 50% power
  • Hydraulically optimised low head-loss design
  • High disinfection efficiency - 1 to 5 log


Operational Benefits

  • Simple to install and operate
  • Significantly reduces maintenance requirements
  • TWISTLOKTM lamp design for enhanced safety
  • Separated lamp and wiper access
  • Single sided lamp
  • Dry mounted UV monitors and temperature probes
  • Robust, chemical free automatic wiper system
  • Lamp changes without removing wiper motor


Installation Advantages

  • World’s most compact UV System
  • Easy to install, Operate & Maintain
  • Closed system design installs directly into pipe work
  • Horizontal and vertical installation options
  • Options for modular installations to increase capacity.
  • Multiple flange size, type and mounting options
  • Up to 50 metre cable distance from LCP to UV chamber
  • Suitable for both new builds and retrofits
  • Modbus / Profibus / ICSS / BMS integration available  

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