Aligator ioniser

Aligator ionizing system - For domestic pools

The environmentally friendly Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System combines modern computer technology with a unique composition and density of metals in our proprietary Aligator electrodes. The result is a superior system which enables the absolute control of energised water ionisation and can be completely customised to your specific requirements.

Full Description

Aligator systems can be found all over the world, in many thousands of private and public pools from Barbados to Malaysia.

Aligator systems are used not only in swimming pools, but also in many other applications where the control of waterborne bacteria such as Legionella is needed, i.e.:

  • grey water holding tanks
  • aqua parks
  • hot water systems in hospitals, nursing homes, golf clubs, commercial greenhouses and holiday complexes
  • Commercial units are available - price upon application

How It Works

Aligator uses natural elements to kill algae and bacteria in your swimming pool.

The ions are pH neutral, non-corrosive and have no effect on the human body. The system is not affected by heat or light and provides much longer residuals than chemical or UV treatment.

Best of all, Aligator programmes itself! Once the pool size has been entered into its computer, you can sit back and relax. The Aligator continually monitors the condition of the electrodes and pool water and alerts you if attention is needed.

The Aligator Ionic Purifier purifies swimming pool water by harmlessly charging metal ions (silver and copper) in the water which creates a residual disinfectant and algaecide that stays distributed throughout the whole pool. This UK-manufactured, market-leading system is fully automatic and self-regulating. It is perfect for allergy-sufferers since the need for chlorine is dramatically reduced, as is the need for algaecides and clarifiers. In fact, it can help reduce your chemical use by up to 75% - a much greener way to sanitise your pool which also saves you money!

The Aligator purifier is suitable for indoor and outdoor domestic pools, and is virtually maintenance-free. It is ideal for hot climates since, unlike chlorinated pools, the purified ions do not dissipate in heat or sunlight. Once your pool dimensions have been input, the computerised system continually monitors the condition of the silver and copper electrodes in the water and will alert you via a red flashing light and alarm if attention is required. The automated system will also advise when the electrodes need to be replaced.

Two sizes are available, depending on your pool size:

Single chamber system - for pools 16,000 gallons / 90,000 litres to 22,000 gallons / 100,000 litres Dual chamber system - for pools 22,000 gallons / 100,000 litres to 45,000 gallons / 200,000 litres

Please note: do not use in brominated or Baquacil / PHMB treated swimming pools.

Commercial units are available - price on application


Fully Automated System Reduces maintenance time
Reduces Chlorine/Chemical Use by up to 80% Perfect for children and allergy sufferers
Eliminates Black, Yellow and Green Algae Produces crystal clear water
Uses Natural Elements like Copper, Silver and Zinc Chemicals are reduced to a safe level and backwash water can be used in the garden
Programmable Unit Based on Pool Size Measured in gallons and litres, the Aligator works in conjunction with your pump to calculate optimum levels of copper and silver
Measurable Cost Savings Eliminates the need for chlorine saturation, flocculants and algaecides
Intelligent Alarmed System Lets you know when the electrodes need replacing or the water balance is incorrect
LCD Display Shows current alarm status, power to the electrodes, pool settings, summer & winter mode and elapsed time
5 Year Return to Base Guarantee on Parts & Labour (excluding electrodes) Provides peace of mind



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