Auto Dosing Systems

Auto dosing eliminate the worry of manually dosing your pool.

CertiDos Domestic Kit

certikin Domestic Dosing System

In response to Market demand, we offer an economical solution for domestic pool and spa water treatment. The CertDos DomTrik dosing system reads and maintains an optimum pH level via the addition of a liquid acid and allows the user to trickle feed a manually calculated and inputted quantity of liquid sanitiser into their pool or spa over a 24 hour period.

From £2,415.00 to £3,372.00

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Redox Based Auto Dosing System

Redox based systems indicate the Oxidiation Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water (sanitiser activity) and not directly the quantity of sanitiser present.

From £2,600.00 to £2,700.00

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Feeder Output Systems

Tablet feeders or salt chlorinators can be directly plugged in to the intergrated socket on the controller making it ideally suited to both domestic and light commercial applications.

From £2,600.00 to £4,100.00

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Open cell2

Open Cell Systems

Open amperometric cells offer a relatively low cost method of automating the monitoring of the chlorine residual (displayed in ppm) of a water sample.

From £3,400.00 to £3,500.00

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Solenoid dosing system wrh light commercial 340 p

Solenoid Systems - Light Commercial

For applications using controllers with seperate dosing pumps, specially designed solenoid pumps are available for use. These pumps are similar in operation to the standard pump range however the peristaltic pump head has been replaced with a solenoid head.


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Certidos wpcp closed probe dosing system 344 p

Closed Probe Systems

Closed Amperometric Chlorine Probe systems offer the most accurate free chlorine residual measurement available (displayed in ppm).

From £4,000.00 to £4,200.00

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Certidos prc heavy use commercial dosing system 346 p ekm 299x409 ekm

Heavy Use Commercial Systems

A commercial grade system giving pH and Chlorine monitoring and control.

From £4,200.00 to £7,100.00

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Blue connect plus   the smart pool analyser

Blue Connect Plus - The Smart Pool Analyser

Blue Connect, the smart pool analyzer, is a smart device that combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms which mix water data, weather data and user data

From £61.00 to £492.00

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