CertiDos Domestic Kit

Certikin Domestic Auto dosing kit

In response to Market demand, we offer an economical solution for domestic pool and spa water treatment. The CertDos DomTrik dosing system reads and maintains an optimum pH level via the addition of a liquid acid and allows the user to trickle feed a manually calculated and inputted quantity of liquid sanitiser into their pool or spa over a 24 hour period.

Full Description

pH control is via an in-line pH probe mounted with the saddle clamp that is included within the kit. Guidance in respect of quantity of liquid sanitiser is provided by both the installation pack information and the chemical supplier.

Most domestic pools/spas have a low routine use within stabilised environments. It has, for many years, been the choice of the owner/support company to ‘hand dose’ chemicals on a weekly/monthly basis on this type of application. CertiDos DomTrik continually monitors and manages the pH whilst at the same time trickle feeding liquid sanitiser at a defined rate. This allows the owner/operator to optimise the hourly/daily/weekly addition of sanitiser to maintain a safe ‘norm’.

The full kit comprises of:
1. Controller with integral peristaltic pumps
2. pH electrode
3. In-line probe holder
4. Long reach in-line flow sensor
5. 4 x saddle clamp (50, 63 or 90mm – other sizes available on request)
6. 2 x chemical carboy bunds
7. 2 x chemical injection valves
8. 2 x chemical carboy suction lance
9. Chemical safety labels for bunds and injection points
10. Protective sheathing for dosing discharge lines
11. Lovibond pooltest
12. Deluxe PPE kit
13. Installation guidance pack

Why CertiDos DomTrik?
• The system is a simplified yet controlled approach giving unmonitored addition of sanitiser on a domestic application.
• A calculation for the addition of sanitiser is included on the backboard of the controller, as is installation advice.
• All you need in one kit – hardware, software, guidance, personal protective equipment and test kit (when purchasing the full kit)
• Reduced installation time – can be completed in less than one hour
• Full safety interlock including no-flow detection via flow switch
• Available from stock for next day delivery
• Installation, commissioning and training can be provided if required – contact Certikin

A basic kit including controller, pH probe and in-line probe holder is also available.

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