Ionic & Mineral Purification Systems

Fusion Combi Purifier & Chlorine Dispenser

Fusion Combi Purifier & Chlorine Dispenser (pools 20m3 - 40m3)

Fusion Combi Purifier offers a blend of two treatments to help provide safe, clear and inviting water very simply. Nature2 mineral water purifier combined with an integrated chlorine tablet dispenser.

From £85.00 for FusionF15 Replacement Cartridge

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Aligator ioniser

Aligator ionizing system - for domestic pools

The environmentally friendly Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System combines modern computer technology with a unique composition and density of metals in our proprietary Aligator electrodes. The result is a superior system which enables the absolute control of energised water ionisation and can be completely customised to your specific requirements.

From £1,185.00 for Aligator Ionizing System (500-22,000 gallons -up to 100m3)

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Puronizer Ionic Purifier

Manufactured in Britain, the Puronizer is a tried and tested product which uses charged ions to kill bacteria and algae. A simple to use method of ensuring quality water with very little effort. Chlorine consumption is reduced by 60%.

From £999.95 for Puronizer for pools up to 90m3 (20,000g)

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Nature 2 Express Water purifier

Nature2 Zodiac Water Purifier for inground pools and Spas

Nature2 Express is similar to the Frog system. It is a mineral based system that produces copper and silver from a 6 month cartridge. Nature 2 will reduce your chlorine by up to 80%. This system does not completely eliminate chlorine - you still need to use a small amount. You will need to shock the pool to initialize a new 6-month cartridge.

Easy to install or retro fit Nature2 Express includes a Cartridge

With the Express Nature2 you'll enjoy a healthy swimming pool without bleached hair, burning eyes or any chemical odors. These systems also give the water a sparkle, and seems to have a buffering effect on pool pH levels, keeping the level stable.

From £19.95 for Nature2 - Test Kit

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