Ionic & Mineral Systems

Ion exchange is a water treatment method where one or more undesirable ionic contaminants are removed from water by exchange with another non-objectionable, or less objectionable ionic substance. ... A typical example of ion exchange is a process called “water softening” aiming to reduce calcium and magnesium content.

Aligator ioniser

Aligator ionizing system - for domestic pools

The environmentally friendly Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System combines modern computer technology with a unique composition and density of metals in our proprietary Aligator electrodes. The result is a superior system which enables the absolute control of energised water ionisation and can be completely customised to your specific requirements.

From £324.00 to £1,565.00

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Puronizer Ionic Purifier

Manufactured in Britain, the Puronizer is a tried and tested product which uses charged ions to kill bacteria and algae. A simple to use method of ensuring quality water with very little effort. Chlorine consumption is reduced by 60%.

From £1,175.00 to £1,745.00

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Ionic & Mineral Purification Systems

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