Plastica Exercise pool

Plastica Wooden Exercise Pool

The Plastica Wooden Exercise Pool is designed for everyone in the family, from the strongest swimmers to the most tentative beginners! 

Current lead time 2-4 weeks from order.

Full Description

Swimming is considered to be one of the most beneficial forms of exercise, building strength and stamina and reducing stress on the body joints. If you don't have enough space for a full size pool in your garden, then the new exercise pool (3.916m long x 2.426m wide x 1.17m high and fitted with the powerful over the wall counter current swimming unit) could well be the solution. This exercise pool can be used for all types of swimming techniques and as an air-bubble bath for under water massage.

The exercise pool can be installed as either an above-ground pool, requiring minimal ground work, or as an in-ground pool, providing an easy installation and an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home leisure and exercise routines.

Our Wooden Exercise Pools are supplied with a new steel under bracing system for easier installation on a prepared base, inside or outside.  Telephone 01323 766600 to discuss your project.

Our pool package is complete with:

  • Wooden exercise pool 3.916m long x 2.426m wide x 1.17m high
  • Plain blue liner in the standard kit
  • In-ground or above-ground easy installation
  • Choice of 3 powerful counter current systems available
  • Aquajet 50 1.1kw counter current system moving 48m³ per hour. Aquajet has pneumatic control and LED lights in the jet surround. Weight 20kg
  • Badu Perla 1.6kw counter current system omnidirectional swivel nozzle 60 degree range. Single phase
  • Badu Riva 2.2kw counter current system omnidirectional swivel nozzle 60 degree range. Single phase
  • Wooden structure
  • Two piece wooden top coping
  • Hidden under fixings kit
  • Sand filtration system (inc. pipework and fittings)
  • Corner cover strips
  • Internal stainless steel ladder
  • External wooden ladder
  • Felt, insulation foam & liner
  • Maintenance kit
  • Installation guide

Aquajet Counter Current Unit Features

230v, 48m3 per hour, 1.1kw,pneumatic control, switch on/off in pool, LED lights in jet surround, Weighs 20kg.

Upgrade To the Badu Top Quality Range of Jets

Badu Perla Jet

  • Powerful and efficient system.
  • Streamlined compact design.
  • Adjustable flow rate.
  • Boost fun and freedom in medium sized pools.
  • 60° directional swivel nozzle controls the flow volume.
  • Adjust the power switch for pearly air bubbles.
  • Flow rates (approximately): Badu Perla - 40m³/hr.

Badu Riva Jet

 The Badu Jet Riva Counter Current Swim Jet is sporty with an elegantly designed overhang, which looks stylish and eye-catching.

The new Badu Jet Riva is made of high grade plastic, while the housing offers excellent resistance and has robust properties. A special coating creates an exceptionally bright white glossy finish that increases scratch resistance and provides outstanding UV stability and chemical resistance. From a functional perspective, the smooth, dirt-repellent surface also ensures that the new unit will stay looking at its best for years to come.

The Badu Jet Riva Counter Current Swim Jet is suitable for most in-ground pools. For above-ground pools, a telescopic support offers the necessary stability (not included).
A hand-priming pump is included and ensures easy handling for one-off de-aeration and filling of the unit in the spring or during commissioning.

The nozzles of the new Badu Jets can be pivoted around 60° in all directions. The nozzles also control the flow volume. By adjusting the power switch, sparkling air bubbles can be introduced into the flow. A second switch activates the atmospheric LED Lighting that is built-in to every system.

The Wooden Exercise Pool is 3.916m long x 2.426m wide x 1.17m high. For the addition of a wooden plant housing, add £410.00. Choose your choice of counter current jet console at point of ordering. 

Wooden Exercise Pool package price includes VAT and delivery to most UK mainland postcodes.

Plastica Wooden Exercise Swimming poolPlastica Wooden Exercise Swimming PoolPlastica Wooden Exercise PoolBadu Jet Perla Wooden Plant Housing
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