Luxe Fibreglass One piece pools Pools

Fibreglass One Piece Pools manufactured by Luxe pools. High quality materials and a wide variety of designs and sizes make these pools a superb addition to any garden setting.

Optional Dallas Enclosure

Luxe One Piece GRP City Pool

You might think you can’t have a pool in the city, but you certainly can, and the City Pool makes it all possible It's specifically designed for small gardens and budgets, as it comes in a single unit small enough for a back yard. Measuring just 4.75m x 2.43m x 1.35m, the City Pool may be small but it's  ever so mighty!

Luxe One Piece City Pools are supplied in a choice of 2 colours with the following (all pre-fitted): Filtration unit, swim jet, spa jets, electric heater, LED light, foam insulation, Balboa control unit. The shell can be installed above or in-ground (support frame available). 

From £2,544.00 to £15,054.00

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Luxe Wanaka

Luxe Pools - One piece GRP Pool Kits - Standard Models

Luxe Pools offer an affordable GRP reinforced one piece swimming pool that can simply be dropped into an excavated hole and filled with water within a matter of days.

From £4,408.00 to £22,948.00

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Luxe Pools - Wanaka with slatted cover

Luxe Pools - One piece GRP pool kits with in-built slatted cover

Stylish and attractive one piece GRP pools that include an in-built slatted cover.

From £27,717.00 to £33,956.00

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Why a fibreglass one piece Swimming Pool?

  • Pools are quick and simple to install. Labour costs are dramatically reduced.

  • Quality Fibreglass pools can last a lifetime. Many shells are manufacturer guaranteed for 10 years or more.

  • Fibreglass pools require fewer chemicals than concrete pools

  • GRP (glass reinforced plastic) has surprising strength and durability

  • Can be upgraded with Stainless steel fittings, extra insulation and counter current units.
  • Non-slip surface on floor and step areas.

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