Wooden pool kits have been more popular in 2020 than ever before. Not only does a wooden pool look great in any garden, they are also robust and straightforward to build. The timber pool kits we most recommend are Gardi Quartoo, Plastica Premium and Exercise pools and the Endless summer wooden pool kit.

We recommend that you order your wooden pool early in 2021 to avoid any disappointment.

Wooden exercise pool

Plastica Wooden Exercise Swimming Pool

The Plastica Wooden Exercise Pool is designed for everyone in the family, from the strongest swimmers to the most tentative beginners! 

From £6,125.00 for Wooden Exercise Pool - Aquajet Model and Braces

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Endless Summer Pool

Endless Summer 'Dolphin' Range of Wooden Pools

An elegant and unique log style construction gives our Endless Summer Wooden Pools a quality finish that stands out among other pools of similar shape.

Dolphin Deluxe models require no side buttresses and no concreted-in steel side supports. This unique facility means building the pool couldn't be easier.

Please note: Delivery time for all models can vary between 2-5 weeks depending on the time of year and the workload at the factory. We strongly advise placing your order as early as possible to meet your construction schedule.


From £7,245.00 for 4.7m x 2.9m Endless Summer 'Dolphin Deluxe' Pool Package

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Premium Plastica Wooden Swimming Pool Kit

You'll be as pleased as punch with the quality of the Plastica Premium Wooden Pool! Manufactured in the UK, it uses beautiful Scandinavian timber and is  delivered by a dedicated vehicle to your door.

What sets these wooden pools apart is not just their appearance, but that they are also straight forward to install. Whether you choose an octagonal, stretched octagonal, or a rectangular pool, they all have excellent instructions to enable you to construct a professional pool build. 

Take advantage of hugely discounted prices on these pools, backed up with Dolphin Leisure's quality customer service.


From £4,250.00 for Premium Pool Knightsbridge 4m (12' 3" x 46")

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Gardi Octoo Oblong Wooden Swimming Pool

Wooden Swimming Pools The GardiPool OCTOO, RECTOO and QUARTOO

The GardiPool wooden pool range features three innovative designs which bring beauty and funcionality together using a unique patented system of dovetail joints.

All models in the Gardipool range specify concrete bases. This makes them suitable for all year installation projects. Email our friendly team today to find out more: sales@dolphinpools.co.uk  

Check out special discounted prices on our Gardipool swimming pools. 


From £317.25 for 1.33m EQUIPMENT HOUSING

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Doughboy Bali Timber Pool

Doughboy Bali Timber Pool

A wooden swimming pool creates a warm natural look in your garden. The Doughboy luxury Bali timber pool is made of impregnated pine wood and is available as an octagonal swimming pool, a stretched octagonal pool or a rectanglular design. Timber walls 42mm thick give greater thermal insulation.

The Bali pool wall height is 1.36M/4ft 4in (the 3.55M octagonal version has a 1.16M deep wall) and is very easy to build. 


From £84.00 for Timber Pool 3.55M Deluxe Meshed Winter Cover

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Eco Wooden - small

Small, Large and Stretched Eco Wooden Pool

These quality, good value for money timber pools will enable you to enjoy summer fun with the whole family.

2 sizes readily available, but allow 4 weeks for the Stretched Eco Pool

The pool has a treated pine wall structure, which is easy to assemble onto a level base.

Efficient sand filtration and 0.75hp pump makes pool maintenance a breeze.

Take advantage of big discounts on these pools, all backed up with Dolphin Leisure's expertise and support. 


From £600.00 for Coren Pine WDC & Solar Cover

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Filtration Enclosure

Wooden Pool Filtration Enclosure

This wooden pool plant enclosure is designed to match the Plastica wooden pool. However, this sturdy enclosure could also be used to house the filtration of other styles of pool.

From £425.95 for Wooden Pool Filtration Enclosure

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Guardipool Quartoo Overflow

Gardipool Quartoo with Overflow

The Quartoo is a self-supporting structure with galvanised metal supports fixed into a reinforced concrete floor. This allows the structure to be semi in-ground, in-ground or above-ground.

From £8,598.00 for Quartoo 3m x 5m x 1.33m Pool with Overflow on one short side

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