So you want an Exercise Pool and a Hot tub? The solution...a Swim Spa.

If you are planning on moving home you won’t lose out on the investment you have made, unlike a traditional pool your Swimspa can go with you!

Our fantastic range of Swim Spas are from Catalina and Garden Leisure. Manufactured by these leading Hot Tub brands, the quality of build and assurance of good warranties and good back up are second to none within the industry.

The theraputic benefits of regular exercise are well documented and swimming is one of the most fun and fulfilling ways to get the whole family fitter and more active.

Owning a Swim Spa gives added attraction including the comforts and benefits of a swimming pool and a spa all in one unit.

Catalina have perfected the art of combining the healing power of warm water, massage therapy and exercise which means that Dolphin Leisure can offer you some of the most advanced and beneficial Swimspas and Swim Trainers on the market.

Ten benefits to owning a Swim Spa.

  1. All the comforts of a spa. You get the massaging hot water jets and all the enjoyment that a spa can offer in a unit that also includes a swimming area. The only difference is that this is much more compact than a traditional in-ground pool with the addition of a separate area for a spa.
  2. 'Traditional' pool benefits are included in a Swim Spa.
  3. Compact design. Swim spas don't take up nearly the amount of space as a traditional swimming pool.
  4. Easy installation.
  5. Exercise. Perhaps the most popular reason to get a Swim Spa is to enjoy the ability to swim laps without worrying about turns or paying for a big pool. Water jets that can be adjusted for various speeds push out against the swimmer, keeping them in place, as they swim against the current. With the jets off, the Swim Spa can also be used for other water-based exercises.
  6. Easier maintenance. Compared to a traditional swimming pool, the maintenance for a Swim Spa is much easier because it is smaller and uses fewer chemicals.
  7. Convenience. Spas are great for relaxing and easing muscle tensions and aches, particularly after exercise. With the Swim Spa, you can go almost immediately from your water workout into the massaging waters of the spa.
  8. Portable. Swim Spas that are not in-ground units have the advantage of being mobile, meaning they can move when you move. Or there's a certain benefit to adding to the price of your home because of the Swim Spa.
  9. Use year-round. The Swim Spas are portable and they can be located indoors or outdoors. If you have an indoor location for a Swim Spa, you can enjoy the unit even on stormy or snowy days.
  10. Encourage exercise. A Swim Spa that may have been meant for the swimmer in the family is likely to encourage others to try out the benefits of easy, lap swimming. The jets that provide resistance can be set for a beginner. The Spa area may appeal to the less active members of the family.
Plastica Wooden Exercise Swimming pool

Plastica Wooden Exercise Swimming Pool

The Plastica Wooden Exercise Pool is designed for everyone in the family, from the strongest swimmers to the tentative beginners!

Check out the NEW features:

Discounts on these pools - Price from £7495.00 - Above Ground

From £7,495.00 for Wooden Exercise Pool - Aquajet Model and Braces

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Mardi Gras swimspa with led lights

Catalina Mardi Gras Swim Spa

The Mardi Gras is a classic swimspa and/or swim trainer - the perfect affordable home, garden entertainment centre and aqua gym. Featuring the Pro Swim Training System, this swimspa gives you a low impact, full body workout that builds muscle, increases endurance and burns calories.

Please ring the office to check on a delivery cost.

From £14,999.00 for Catalina - Mardi Gras Swim Spa

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Catalina Carnival Classic

Catalina Carnival Classic Swim Spa

The Carnival Classic has a low energy requirement and runs off a single phase 23amp power supply so it's very economical. It's is a deeper version of the Mardi Gras with the addition of side jets in the seating area. Who fancies a spa party?



From £17,250.00 for Catalina - Carnival Classic Swim Spa

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Catalina Freestyle Aquadynamic

Catalina Carnival - Aquadynamic Swimspa

The Carnival Aquadynamic is a 4 pump version of the Carnival Classic giving unequalled power for serious workouts, hydro therapy or just plain fun.

Please phone the office for a price for delivery.

From £18,750.00 for Catalina Carnival - Aquadynamic Swimspa

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Freestyle classic

Catalina Freestyle Classic XP- Swimspa

The Freestyle Classic XP Swim Spa is the ultimate swim trainer. It has 1 x 2.5hp 2 speed pump, 2 x 3hp boost pumps, 2 swim jets and the Pro-Swim system. The large open swim lane offers ideal swimming and exercise space.

Please phone the office for the price for delivery.


From £21,450.00 for Catalina Freestyle -Classic XP Swimspa

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Sprint classic

Catalina Sprint - Classic - Swimspa

The Sprint Classic is a longer version of the Catalina Carnival Swimspa.

Please ring the office for a price for delivery.


From £21,450.00 for Catalina Sprint - Classic Swimspa

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Freestyle aqua

Catalina - Freestyle Aquadynamic Swimspa

The Freestyle Aquadynamic SwimSpa is the ultimate swim trainer. Its large swim lane, 4 pumps, 3 river swim jets and Pro-Swim system make it hard to beat.

Please ring the office for a quote for the delivery.


From £22,350.00 for Catalina - Freestyle Aquadynamic Swimspa

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Sprint 159x300

Catalina Sprint - Aquadynamic Swimspa

The Catalina Sprint Aquadynamic Swimspa boasts extra power with four pumps and three swim jets.

Please ring the office for a quote on the delivery cost.


From £22,650.00 for Catalina Sprint - Aquadynamic Swimspa

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Catalina relay

Catalina Relay - Dual Temperature Swimspa

The Relay 16 Dual Temperature has 2 x 3kw heaters, seats 5 and has 3 River swim jets. It has exercise bars, crystal water fountains and cascading waterfalls.

Free Aquafinnesse - the environmentaly friendly sanitizer.

Please phone the office for a quote on the delivery cost.

From £28,950.00 for Catalina Relay - Dual Temperature Swimspa

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Marathon Lounge 18 3 large

Catalina Marathon Dual Temperature Swim Spa

The Marathon SwimSpa is a 5.4 metre dual temperature swimspa. Seating 6, it has a powerful fitness section with 3 river swim jets and side established jets, and a comfortable 3 person spa with lounger. With the exercise kit, this truly is the ultimate in home hydro gyms

Catalina's unique workout kit includes a rowing attachment, swimming belt with side fitted swim stabilizers, and upper body, arm, and leg resistance trainers. 

The Marathon 18/3 boasts a stunning list of standard equipment features that include 10 crystal water features, tiled swim lane, waterline and step edge, LED perimeter lighting, and exercise equipment.


From £32,550.00 for Catalina - Marathon Swim Spa

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Catalina Atlantic Exercise Classic Pool

The Catalina Atlantic Exercise Classic SwimSpa is a new, freestanding, longer training pool available in several configurations to suit your requirements.

Please phone the office for a quote for delivery.


From £30,150.00 for Catalina Atlantic Exercise Pool

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