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IPC Oasis - Small

OasisTM – Small combines features of both SPA Sunhouse® and VERANDA NEOTM. The greatest advantage is that it can cover a spa near an existing wall.

Full Description

This version can be used not only as a spa enclosure, but also as a winter garden. It can also be used as a gazebo structure to enjoy pleasant moments in your garden. The enclosure‘s roof can be partially opened, and the model has one to two doors. The version with smoked polycarbonate glazing protects from sunlight and thus naturally regulates the temperature within.

Technical parameters

  • Width of enclosure:4,11 m
  • Length of enclosure:4,10 m (from the wall)
  • Height of enclosure:2,30 m

Profile surfacing:

elox C-0 (silver)RAL 9006
white RAL 9010RAL 9010
beige RAL 1015RAL 1015
anthracite DB 703DB 703
brown - antiqueantique


kompaktní, tl. 3 mm, průhledný s UV stabilizací compact, transparent, 3 mm, with UV protection
kompaktní, tl. 3 mm, kouřový s UV stabilizací compact, brown, 3 mm, with UV protection
kompaktní, tl. 3 mm, strukturovaný s UV stabilizací compact, structured 3 mm, with UV protection

2 types of doors and 1 window type:

  2 x single-wing
  1 x double-wing
  1 x roof window

Locking system:

  door locking system from both the outside and inside
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MaterialAluminium, Polycarbonate
Products categoriesSpas, Domes , Enclosures, Swim Spas, In-Ground, Portable, Hot Tubs

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