Above ground pools - Doughboy Premier, Regent and Century. Wilbar Pacific, Serena and Gemini

Dolphin Leisure supply steel above ground pools. The Doughboy Premier, Regent and Century. Wilbar Pacific, Serena and Gemini. Good quality steel family above ground pool kits.

Doughboy Regent 202012

Doughboy Regent Steel & Resin Swimming Pool

Oval Doughboy Regents are now back in stock - now is the time to think about Summer 2022 

The Regent is Doughboy's flagship pool this season at an affordable price. It uses a combination of resin and steel which makes this pool very strong. Made using the highest quality materials and technology, the Doughboy COM-PAC OVAL support system enables you to have a bigger pool in a smaller garden. A 52" wall depth with 6" extruded resin top rails ensures comfortable swimming and strength, combined with a pleasing appearance.


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Doughboy Premier Steel Swimming Pool

Doughboy 'Premier' Steel Pool


Doughboy Premier Round and Oval pools back in stock - for Summer 2022! 


The Doughboy Premier is a truly affordable pool available in larger sizes and made to the same high standards as all Doughboy pools. It uses the Doughboy COM-PAC OVAL support system which makes this pool suitable for even the smallest of gardens.



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No stock left for 2021

Our new, entry level above ground pool for this year, the Pacific can turn your back garden into an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed all summer long.

From £180.00 to £3,011.00

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