IPC Orlando Spa Dome

IPC Orlando, Sunhouse & Veranda Spa Enclosures

Enjoy your Spa whatever the weather. Attractive Spa domes come as round or oval free standing models or the superb Veranda model to enclose the spa next to the house.

Full Description

Orlando Spa Dome

A single Spa enclosure consists of two polycarbonate panels; walls and door panels and an upper domelike air shaft panel. All wall sections and the two sliding door elements can move 360 degrees in either direction. There is a sliding back door too.

Easily assembled the only requirement is a level mounting surface and stable solid base for assembling (attaching) the ground rails. Assembling is reliant upon fixing of the leading lines and accuracy of all panels. 2-3 people can assemble the enclosure.

Inner diameter: 4.0m

Outside diameter: 4.11m

Height: 2.3m

Weight: 200kg

Width of double panel door: 2.47m

Sunhouse Spa Dome

The Sunhouse model is made up of 3 parts; 2 semi-domes as in the Orlando - and a standard pool enclosure segment with sliding side doors. One of the semi-dome is fitted with a wide, double panel door leading inside. The opening skylight provides good ventilation and it is possible to add sliding doors in the second semi-dome.

Inner diameter: 4.11m

Length: 6.16m

Height: 2.3m

Weight: 300kg

Width of double panel door: 2.47m

Benefits of Orlando and Sunhouse Spa Domes

  • Provides you with luxury bathing at any time
  • you are fully protected against strong winds, rains, leaves and debris carried by the wind.
  • Opening orientation in any direction.
  • Enjoy maximum access of sun rays into the interior
  • Polycarbonate panels protect your skin against UV rays
  • Privacy ensured by translucent panel option
  • Adjust inside air temperature through wide opening doors
  • Durability of weather proof aluminium profiles and ground rails ensure years of spa enjoyment

Veranda Enclosure

This enclosure is suitable for the covering of a spa located in the immediate vicinity of the house, ground floor flat or bungalow. The segments of the VERANDA telescopically roll over the travel paths mounted on to the house wall and the paving. The system allows for the wide opening of the interior.

width: 4.0 - 4.50 metres

Length : 4.20 - 8.50 metres

Height : 2.62 - 3.0 metres

rounded_corners2.jpgOrlando sun domeOrlando sun dome in useSpa sunhouseSpa sunhouseSpa sunhouse at nightSpa sunhouseVeranda spa enclosureVeranda spa enclosureVeranda spa enclosure

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