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Immerstar pool alarm

Immerstar Pool Alarm

The Immerstar Pool Alarm is an excellent alarm which will detect the fall of a body and has a powerful alarm alert with a 100db siren. It is specially designed not to be set off by the wind.

However if you keep your pool water at a low level, or when you winterize your pool add the extension pipe for extra safety.

From £32.00 to £435.00

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Walu starlight light grey

Walu Starlight Manual Safety Cover

Walu Starlight Manual Safety Cover: Refined Performance For Rectangular Pools

From £87.00 to £2,915.00

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Poolguard kidney pool

Pool and Pond Rollaway 1.2m High Safety Fencing

Pool and Pond Rollaway Safety Pool Fencing is a high quality, attractive and reasonably priced fencing system. It comes in various lengths which will provide your pool area with the protection you and your family deserve. It also helps keep out leaves and loose debris whilst affording some added safety for your children and pets. The self closing self latching gate offers easy access but can also be locked if required.

This product fully conforms to the AFNOR safety standard NF P 90-306

STOP PRESS Dolphin Leisure Price includes UK Mainland delivery

From £2.70 to £733.20

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Swimming Pool Life Saving Ring

Life Ring/Life Hook

Life Saving Equipment in the pool area is essential for your family's safety.

Every Pool should have at least one Life Ring and Life Hook.

The Poles are a universal fit - see equipment and maintenance section

From £26.95 to £35.00

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Commercial Lifebuoy

Lifebuoys, Lifebelts, Liferings and Lifehooks for Commercial and Domestic Pools

Safety should come first and the Orange and Silver Deluxe Sturdy Lifebelt and the Heavy Duty Lifebuoys are estential to every pool owner. Both are suitable for Domestic and Commercial use. Every swimming pool should have at least one life hook or reach pole.

From £29.95 to £139.95

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Polly Pink

Polly Pink Aquatic Fun Fish Silicone Cap

A Pretty Fun Junior Aquatic Cap. Made from Silicone this cap is durable and comfortable.


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swim sportz toddler seat

Swim Sports Toddler Seat

The Swim Sportz Toddler Seat with retractable shade is Ideal for unshaded pools. The retractable shade will protect children from direct sunlight and harmful U.V rays.


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Certikin Lifeguard Chair

Certikin Lifeguard Chair with Wheels

A Sturdy Lifeguard Chair with Wheels good viewing platform for safety.


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