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A great alternative if there is insufficient space or concrete to install a permanent lift. Easy to store when not being used.

Splash Pool Lift

Semi Potable Splash Pool Lifts (Commercial or Residential pools)

The Splash Aquatic Lift is a removable deck mounted aquatic lifting System designed for user friendly access to your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub. It provides 359 Degrees turning radius for safe transfers away from the pool edge.The Splash can be operated by either the user or an attendant.

The standard Splash hoist provides 300lbs - 136kgs lifting capacity

For Residential or commercial pools.

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Portable aquatic lift pal

Portable Aquatic Lift (PAL 1)

The unique versatility of the PAL1000 makes it the ideal solution to the problem of access for the disabled or the infirm. It has a lifting capacity of 300lbs (136kgs)



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