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Semi Portable Removable - Aquatic Splash Swimming Pool Lifts

The Splash Aquatic Lift is a removable deck mounted aquatic lifting System designed for user friendly access to your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub. It provides 359 Degrees turning radius for safe transfers away from the pool edge.The Splash can be operated by either the user or an attendant.

The standard Splash hoist provides 300lbs - 136kgs lifting capacity

For Residential or commercial pools.

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Full Description

 The Standard SPLASH Semi-Portable Aquatic Lift is a semi-permanent, powered lift for maneuvering persons in and out of a swimming pool in a safe, easy, and dignified way.


  • A removable deck mounted aquatic lift. Can be used with existing deck anchors or easily installed with any standard anchor.
  • Provides 359° turning radius for safe transfers away from pool edge. Does not impede swim lanes.
  • Powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery, which powers a mechanical actuator. This combination insures that the Splash! will work when you want it to work. Every time.
  • Easy to use: The Splash! can be operated by either the user or an attendant. Its hand control is completely waterproof.
  • Consistent and reliable. No need for water pressure to run unit.
  • Provides a 300 lbs. lifting capacity with standard Splash!, or 375 lbs. with Splash! HD (Heavy Duty)  version. It is truly the easiest way to get everyone into the water.
  • Safe, secure and effective with hundreds of units sold to city and state recreational facilities, schools, rehabilitation facilities, YMCAs, colleges, and residential users.
  • Virtually maintenance free and made with corrosion proof materials. A lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • deck mounted aquatic lift that can be used with existing sleeves. The unique design of the Splash! keeps all swimming lanes clear when the unit is in place.  The Splash! is also perfectly suited for residential pools.

The Splash is a deck mounted semi portable aquatic lift and is powered by a rechargeable battery. User operable via a waterproof hand control. The design of the Splash range keeps all swimming lanes clear when the unit is in place.  The durability of the system ensures consistent operation and minimizes service problems.

The Splash hoist is attached to the pool deck includes one deck anchor similar to those used for starting blocks or backstroke flag stanchions. The unique seat of the hoist was specifically designed to provide the user with the greatest possible safety, comfort and ease of transfer. The hand control is completely waterproof, and allows either the user or the attendant to control its operation with ease. The control box and battery are water resistant but should be protected from long exposure to the water. If the hoist is used outdoors, an optional full cover is available for purchase and is recommended to use to protect the system

  • includes battery, charger, battery console cover, waterproof control, stainless steel anchor socket with cover, footstool and seat belt assembly - Activated lift key control and one square anchor.
  • All Splash Units include a caddie for easy transportation and storage
Semi Portable Aquatic Lift SplashSplash Semi Portable Aquatic Lift
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