Immerstar pool alarm

Immerstar Pool Alarm

The Immerstar Pool Alarm is an excellent alarm which will detect the fall of a body and has a powerful alarm alert with a 100db siren. It is specially designed not to be set off by the wind.

However if you keep your pool water at a low level, or when you winterize your pool add the extension pipe for extra safety.

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The sensor of the IMMERSTAR alarm detects the fall of a body and raises the powerful alarm with a 100db siren. Designed for a maximum pool size of 12m x 5m.This siren is triggered when the signal characteristics of a fall are detected by the monitoring system. The IMMERSTAR Pool Alarm is recognised as one of the most popular available. Manufactured in Europe to a very high standard. This alarm is compliant with the (French) NFP90-307/A1 Standard introduced in July 2005 & Decree 2009-873 July 2009. This system is Pressure based and is powered by 4 LR 20 batteries supplied - Operates with a magnet and a contact key.

If you keep your pool water at a low level or for when your pool is winterized for extra safety purchase the winter extension pipe accessory.
• Fastens to pool edge
• Pressure sensor system
• Not set off by wind
• LED status indicators
• Operates with a magnet contact key
• 100db integrated siren
• Weighs 2.8kg
• Automatically switches from swim to alert mode
• Manufactured in Europe

Immerstar pool alarmImmerstar pool alarm
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