Ei2 Salt

Zodiac Ei2 Expert Salt Chlorinators

With the Zodiac Ei2 Expert Salt Chlorinators you will get a salt chlorinated pool in less than 10 minutes.


Full Description

Zodiac Ei2 Expert Salt Chlorinator FEATURES:

- 3 models offering chlorine production from 10 to 25 grams per hour

- Simple, easy "no plumbing" installation using a unique "Quick Fix" cell

- Self-cleaning cell

- No flow detector

- Programmable timer

- User friendly LCD screen menu

- Titanium electrode with long lasting surface treatment

- 2 year unconditional warranty

- Minimum salt level 4000ppm (4kg salt/1m3)


Zodiac 'pH Expert' 

The pH Expert uses proportional dosing technology to maintain pH at a set point.

The dosing time is automatically adjusted depending on the difference between the pH of the swimming pool and the pH set point.

Range is 0 - 14 pH   Accuracy of +/- 0.1

All installation fittings are included, with exception of chemical holding tank and Bund Tank


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