Stabilised Chlorine Granules

Sanitisers disinfect pool water and protect bathers. The pool water should be tested daily to make sure it is properly balanced using pH+ or pH-. Good quality stabilized chlorine (if that is your chosen option) needs to be added to make the pool water safe. Also adding 'shock treatment' (oxidation) on a regular basis throughout the season is critical. Using a good shock treatment helps to avoid the water becoming dull and cloudy and prevents the development of any bacteria which have not been eliminated by the daily treatment.

Full Description

Stabilised Chlorine is a basic sanitiser which has an ingredient to slow down dissipation by sunlight.

Chlorine products have a shelf life of approximately a year. Avoid being tempted to buy to buy large quantities of cheap quality chlorine - it'll be out of date by the time you can use it all! 

Dolphin Leisure Chlorine and Shock Chlorine sanitisers are always fresh and newly packed. Dolphin Leisure only use top quality chlorine for their products.

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