Resilience C Salt Chlorine Unit Controller

Resilience C Salt Chlorine Generator and Salt

Resilience C is a natural Salt Chlorinator developed for homeowners wishing to install a simple, easy to operate device. Leaving more time to swim, bathe and relax.

Full Description

The Resilience C natural salt chlorinator is a modest, dependable salt chlorinator and it offers a reliable pool sanitation. Improves water quality. Kinder to the skin and eyes. No chlorine odour. Converts low levels of salt into chlorine. Chlorine reverts back to salt after disinfecting the water.


  • 24hrs, Turbo chlorination mode
  • 4 Levels of chlorine production
  • 4 Warning Signals
  • Light Weight (only 8.8lbs)
  • Totally sealed and splash proof
  • Works at full capacity at ambient temperatures of up to 122F
  • Automatic reversed polarity for keeping blades clean
  • Winter protection mode
  • Automatic identification of feeding voltage 110V-240V


  • Works with low current relieving stress from the blades
  • Gripping fins that enable assembly and dismantling - No tools required
  • Reinforcement ribs that provide strength and can withstand pressure of up to 7 bar (100 pls)
  • Transparent cell for periodic visual inspection

NB Correct Earth bonding is essential when using this product.

Salt Requirements

18.2kgs of salt per 1,000 gallons

 For Example

 Pools  6,600  Gallons / 30000 ltrs  =  5  (25kg) Bags

 Pools 13,200 Gallons / 60000 ltrs   = 10 (25kg) Bags

 Pools 26,400 Gallons / 120000 ltrs  = 19 (25kg) Bags

 Pools 44,000 Gallons /  200000 ltrs = 32 (25Kg) Bags

Please note that our prices for the salt reflect the fact that most salt orders are for multiple bags and the delivery will usually come on a pallet for health and safety reasons

Resilience C Unit Cell
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