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IPC Corso Enclosure

This model is in itself an integral part of architecture. In terms of design it is intended to couple with the wall of a building.

Full Description

 Its asymmetric shape in conjunction with the roof segment and perpendicular walls maximize the inner space and increase its usefulness. It can therefore be readily used as an efficient and practical extension of an inner area which opens onto the garden. It can serve as a covered outdoor dining room, smoking room or winter garden.
Its heat-insulating effect should not be omitted either. Use of the CORSO enclosure segment significantly reduces heat loss of the building, thus contributing to minimizing heating costs.

Technical parameters

  • Width of enclosure:2,50 - 4,50 m
  • Length of enclosure:4,20 - 10,60 m
  • Height of enclosure:2,39 - 2,99 m
  • Number of segments:2 - 5


Profile surfacing:

elox C-0 (silver)RAL 9006
white RAL 9010RAL 9010
beige RAL 1015RAL 1015
anthracite DB 703DB 703
brown - antiqueantique



jkompaktní, tl. 4 mm, průhledný, s UV stabilizací, U=5,4 W/m²K compact, transparent, 4 mm, with UV protection, U=5,4 W/m² K


Guide rails:

guide rails in the full length of an enclosure
PROGRES - výška 15 mm PROGRES - height 15 mm, surfacing - natural elox or beige RAL 1015 

STYLE - surfacing - natural elox or beige RAL 1015


  • the front face made from polycarbonate and aluminium profiles
  • inner fixed face
  • 1 pcs of door according to the client´s request
  • draft seal on faces up to the height of 150mm
  • Lockable handle or hand rail

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MaterialAluminium, Polycarbonate
Products categoriesPools, Spas, Domes , Enclosures, Gazebos, Pool Safety

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