Plastica Air Domes

Let's face facts, we can never rely on the good old British weather can we?

Make the most of your swimming pool investment.

Easy to install and maintain, the Plastica Air Dome will enable you and your family to extend  the season and have fun even when it's pouring with rain outside!

Full Description

All Air domes are POA, please ask the Dolphin team for a quotation.



  • Choice of colours - Cable and Water Bag Air Domes are available in reinforced blue tint, or clear reinforced material. All Air Dome materials are made from tough, UV stabilised PVC.
  • Tailor made to suit - Two models available Cable and Water Bag. Air type domes can be tailored to suit individual needs. Pools that have irregular shaped deck areas or need one end rounded off rather than the standard rectangular shape can all be catered for - just let us know!
  • Safe and Secure - If you have children or pets, an unprotected swimming pool can be a constant worry. An Air Dome provides a safety barrier around your pool that is extremely difficult to penetrate. It will also keep out the vast majority of leaves and debris, leaving your pool clean and ready to use with the minimum of fuss.
  • Zipper Doors - Each Air Dome has two zipper doors for access, positioned to the customer's requirements - one standard and one 'L' type.
  • Quiet Fan Unit - The heart of an Air Dome is the fan unit. Housed in a fibreglass box the fan is extremely quiet and cheap to run, costing no more than a 100 watt light bulb.


Also Water Bags are available telephone the Dolphin Team to give the size of your Dome and the length of the water bag required 01323766600/08451303067


  • Air Pressure Relief Valve - This is designed to maintain a constant pressure within the dome - easy to use.



airdome_cable_type_fixing.jpg The Cable Type Air Dome has a plastic coated steel cable welded into a reinforced PVC sleeve that runs continuously around the perimeter of the base of the dome. This is attached at intervals to the deck by eye bolt fixing anchors and quick release carbine hooks (please click right hand thumbnail for enlargement)

This well proven system requires a good foundation such as a concrete surround or paving set on concrete to provide adequate strength for the fixing anchors - all fixings are supplied. A Cable Type Air Dome can be easily removed for the summer months and all fixings can be completely removed to leave the deck area clear.



Airdome_water_bag_System.jpg The Water Bag model has a number of water tubes that are held in a reinforced PVC sleeve that runs continuously around the perimeter of the structure.(please click right hand thumbnail for enlargement) This provides enough weight to hold the Air Dome in position, seal the base of the dome with the deck and is suitable for sheltered pool areas only. Water Bag Air Domes require no drilling or fixing of any kind, making them very quick and easy to install. Filling the water bags is a simple operation, using a garden hose to fill each one in turn from the mains supply. The maximum recommended size for a Water Bag Air Dome is 8m x 13m (26'x42'), approx. 100sq/m. 

For other Domes Sizes available - Please call our Customer Services department for Sizes and Prices 01323 766600











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