Stress Free Hot tubs

Hot tub owners and Hotels or Leisure centers with Commercial Pools and Spas have to be educated to treat water maintenance with even more care. Heavy user loads and movement in and out of Hot Tubs causes chemicals to dissipate faster than Swimming Pools and so the water management needed is even more important.

One of the benefits of non chlorine products is they can be used for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs. Celina Brown from PoolSan stressed that PoolSan offers a more stable product and can achieve the required levels of water safety without being corrosive. The science behind PoolSan is well known - copper/silver ionisation is a long established effective water treatment. What makes PoolSan exciting is how it delivers this science, making it suitable for home users and Commercial Pools and Spas. It is easily dosed as a liquid, added just as chlorine is, when bather load demands it. Every hotel and health club notices an improvement in their water clarity once they change to PoolSan - a typical comment is that the pool or spa has never looked or felt better. Unlike chlorine, PoolSan does not evaporate and this makes it a very stable sanitiser for spas, hydrotherapy pools and endless pools. The five star London boutique Hotel Rafayel have been using PoolSan for a year very successfully.

Another specialist product for hot tubs is Aquafinesse an environmentally friendly water care solution that allows users to enjoy their Hot Tubs without the harsh effects of chemicals. The system works by eradicating the biofilm that can protect the bacteria, eliminating calcium and scale build up within the tubs working parts, leaving the water clear and soft. A safe stress free product used once a week.

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