Hot tub and Spa Information

What’s the difference between a Spa and a Hot Tub?

Actually, very little. Originally, hot tubs were made from wood until manufacturers developed the modern fibre glass and acrylics that are used today. So really a hot tub is a spa,and a spa, a hot tub.

What are the health benefits of owning a Hot Tub?

People have long enjoyed the relaxing properties offered by naturally heated springs.  Owning a hot tub can help you to experience the same soothing hydrotherapy.  When we immerse our muscles into a hot tub, we release endorphins that help to relieve pain.  Studies have shown that people with arthritis and diabetes can benefit from a daily soaking in a warm hot tub.

Where Should I Locate My Hot Tub?

Always measure the space where you are planning to position your hot tub and consider the available access before you purchase the tub.  If you wish to build decking around your Hot Tub, you must allow access for servicing and maintenance, which is why sinking hot tubs into the ground, is often a bad idea, however it is not impossible. Tubs should be kept far away from electrical equipment or overhead cables.

What Should I Look For in a Hot Tub Shell?

A hot tub should be designed with the country of use in mind.  If it is to be used outdoors, it will need to be able to cope with the changeable British climate, or the hotter southern European climate. Traditionally hot tubs are made of fibre glass, with wooden cladding.  However, many of the newer hot tubs are made from highly durable acrylic which copes well with any weather conditions.

How much maintenance does my Hot Tub need?

Your hot tub only needs a little care and attention each week to enjoy a clean and safe experience.  Just remember to add stain and scale inhibitor each week, which will help to prevent minerals from damaging your hot tub.  Cleaning the filter basket will also help keep the water clean and the water’s pH balance should also be tested each week. Simple!

Do I need to fill my Hot Tub each time it is used?

Not at all, the technology of the hot tub, along with the easily used maintenance products keeps the water clean for many weeks.  As long as you drain and refill your hot tub as directed by your hot tub dealer,you’ll enjoy wonderful clean water, with no fuss.

What considerations should I make before buying my Hot Tub?

One of the main considerations is the size and the area where you can place your Hot Tub.   Decide on how many people you plan to comfortably have in your hot tub at once – overfilling the hot tub will reduce the pleasure of the experience.   Hot Tubs come in all different shapes and sizes, and of course this alters the pricing, so factor this into your buying decision.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost to Run?

This depends upon the particular make and model of the hot tub and how often and when it is used.  However, a rough estimate based on a middle of the range hot tub would cost between £1 to £1.50 per day.

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