Should You Install a Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

If you have a pool, have you ever considered using a Swimming Pool Heat Pumpto heat it? The efficiency of one of these units depends on the actualtemperature outside. Since most pools are located outside, it is alogical choice to heat them in this manner. Many people still are notfamiliar with the operation of these machines. They do not actuallygenerate heat; they just move it from one place to another.

The Swimming Pool Heat Pump will heat the pool to the desired temperatureat an efficient cost. Just set the machine to the temperature you wantand that is it. Thus, even if the weather is not that great, you can beassured that your pool is the right temperature for a enjoyable swim. Heat Pumps work best when the weather is not too cold. They use theoutside air as a free energy source.

The Swimming Pool Heat Pump will work in the same principle as an airconditioner or refrigerator but in reverse. The main mechanics of oneof these units consists of a condenser, a ventilator, a heat exchangerand a compressor that incorporates a refrigerant.

The Swimming Pool Heat Pump will kick into action when the temperatureof the water falls a degree or two below its desired setting. When thewater reaches the temperature you have set on the machine, then it willautomatically shut off until it is needed again. To find one of theseunits, check with a local heating and air conditioning supplier, theywill likely carry Heat Pumps of varying sizes as well. Alternatively,you can search the internet for a company that may sell them online.However, purchasing them from a reputable dealer that is local to youis much more advised because you should have the supplier install theunit and provide you with the proper operating instructions.

In conclusion, heating your pool with a Swimming Pool Heat Pump is anenergy efficient method of keeping your pool comfortable during theentire swim season.

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