Posted on Monday 28 January 2008 by Dan Young

Use 8' x 4' x 1" thick 'Polystyrene' sheets in metal skin above ground pools and 8' x 4' x 2" 'Polystyrene' sheets in Timber above ground pools.

*After the wall has been erected and the base levelled, place as many whole pieces of 'Polystyrene' inside as you can and tape the factory cut edges together using clear fibre tape (available from our Equipment and Accessories department) or duck tape. Measure and cut the 'Polystrene' to shape to fit the remaining pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. Tape the joins as before. You will end up withthe entire base covered with 'Polystyrene' (see photos), which will insulate the base, make it easier to push wrinkles out and it will be feel comfortable under foot. The method is exactly the same for round, oval and timber above ground pools.

*Note: Under NO circumstances must the wall be erected on top of the 'Polystyrene'.

In metal walled above ground pools, to complete the job and for a really professional finish, use 'preformed EASY coving' - available from our Equipment and Accessories department

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