P10 Elecro Quantum

Quantum Water Treatment Unit

Built to be installed easily into your existing set-up, the Quantum is completely safe and significantly more powerful than chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, UV or ozone. 

Quantum draws on technologies used within the oil and waste water treatment industries. Quantum is designed to completely eradicate all organisms and harmful residues present in any pool. 

Within Quantum, there is a photo catalyst chamber. The catalyst walls are covered with a concentrated coating of anatase, silver and platinum nano crystals. UV light within the chamber triggers a reaction as water passes through, this breaks down (oxidizes) all material within the chamber and only pure water and CO are emitted back into your pool. Photo catalytic oxidation is the most powerful disinfection currently known, more effective than active oxygen, chlorine, or ozone.

The Quantum photo catalytic chamber uses no chemistry to acheive sterilization so it can never be consumed or wear out. 

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  • Completely destroys bacteria, microorganisms, pathogenic bio-films, oils, urea etc.
  • Dramatically reduces the consumption of chemicals
  • Instant and natural oxidation, leaving no residues.
  • Fully autonomous automatic system
  • Long life span
  • No impact on PH levels
  • Compatible with all other treatments including salt electrolysis and seawater
  • Suitable for pools up to 65/130m3 (65,000 / 130,000 litres).

Integrated smart metering model features: 

  • 1.61/hour active pump flow rate
  • End of life countdown timer
  • 1 bar max pump pressure
  • Santopren delivery tube 
  • Combined Photocatalytic & Hydroxyl radical technology: most powerful, proven oxidiser
  • Only treatment that instantly destroys all bacteria, micro-organisms, pathogens and viruses found in water that even chlorine and other treatments cannot touch, including Naegleria Fowleri and Adenovirus
  • Two power options: 55 Watts for flow rates up to 14m³/hour (65m³ pool volume, & 110 Watts for flow rates up to 28m³/hour (130m³ pool volume)
  • Ensures a significant reduction in chemical consumption
  • Reaction is contained within the chamber releasing only pure, fresh water
  • Comes pre-assembled with all necessary sensors and control components
  • Ultimate sterilisation without compromise to health; eliminates sore eyes, itchy skin, discoloured hair, strong odours whilst creating no risk to the health of pool users
  • Sea water compatible
  • 14,000-hour lamp life
  • All Quantum units are supplied complete with flow switch and the choice of:
    a) Lamp life indicator and reset switch or
    b) Digital lamp life countdown and intelligent peristaltic dosing pump


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