Prozone Eco Master Chlorine-Free Treatment for Residential Pools & Spas

The Eco Master combines state of the art UV-C germicidal with Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP) all in one compact system for pools and spas for the most powerful non-chemical, non-chlorine/bromine, non-mineral operation of the pool.

Pool and spa owners are discovering the benefits of AOP, creating healthy and sparkling water, with no harmful by-products. Eco-friendly ozone and hydroxyls are created on site, using advanced oxidation for the most effective sanitation system available. Ozone and hydroxyls are created inside the unit, and then injected into the water, flowing through a pure quartz glass tube where it goes to work oxidising and precipitating the water, destroying contaminants as it comes into contact with them, making your pool water as clean and pure as drinking water.


  • Complete oxidisation of organics & chloramines
  • Destroys toxic organics & chemicals
  • Converts oils to filterable solids
  • Compatible with all chemicals
  • pH neutral
  • Provides high ORP & Peroxide Residual
  • Reverts back to oxygen
  • Eliminates odours & scaling
  • Innovative design like no other

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