Fabrico Sun Dome

Fabrico Swimming Pool Sun Dome

The Fabrico Sun Domes are easy to use Swimming Pool Enclosures and are available for all types of Above Ground Pools. Fabrico have over 40 years experience in Solar Pool Enclosures. Convert your pool into an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. The Fabrico Dome is very easy to install, heats your water and the air temperature. It will help protect your pool and will lengthen your Swimming Season, adding to your swimming experience.

STOP PRESS Dolphin Leisure price includes delivery to a main land UK Postcode.

Full Description

The Fabrico Sun Dome is a quality Swimming Pool Enclosure. The heavy 12 guage Vinyl Pool Enclosure is taylor made and is supported by a series of Aluminium tubes. It is a solid and secure enclosure framework. The bottom edge of the enclosure is 24 guage (double thickness) and has a series of grommets.

The enclosure is based on pool size and the number of uprights and is designed to provide a tailored fit to your pool. If you do not see your pool size on the list please telephone 08451 303067

It is easy to install and available for all types and size of above ground pool (above ground or part inground)

Some of the benefits of the Fabrico Sun Dome are:

  1. The crystal clear 12 guage vinyl cover is heat sealed to fit the tubes to provide a tailored fit.
  2. Each pool enclosure has one door opening with two heavy duty two sided nylon zippers.
  3. One or more fibreglass screened window flaps to aid flow-thru ventilation.
  4. Converts your pool into an indoor/outdoor pool - a great season extender!
  5. Heats water and air temperature with solar heat - Saving you money and energy costs.
  6. Protects your pool from the elements - less pool maintenance!
  7. Reduced UV Rays. While it is not intended for sun-protection,...it will keep UV Rays out. You can get a slight tan with the dome on, but you will not get sun burn.

Sturdy Double-Zipper Doors and Windows. Each pool enclosure has one door opening with two heavy duty two sided nylon zippers as well as one or more fibreglass screened window flaps/opening for flow-thru ventilation. Both doors and windows come with vinyl tabs to hold flaps in place.

  • one year warranty for defects in material or workmanship


When selecting your dome, please note

that all Fabrico Domes  are air freighted in specially for you from the USA. The cost of shipment is already reflected in the price but you need to allow approximately 18 days from the date of order for delivery direct to your door.

that  Fabrico Sun Domes are not an alternative solution to winter debris covers. Although domes can withstand winds of up to 45mph they have not been designed to withstand heavy, sustained winds or heavy snow loads.

Fabrico Domes for Timber/Wooden pools and other makes and sizes of above ground pools  are now available to special order - please ring Customer Services on 08451 30 30 67 for prices. 

Fabrico Dome replacement vinyl only is available telephone with your measurments for a quote.

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