Certikin Commercial Spa Air Blower

Commercial Air Blowers

All air blowers supplied by Certikin have only one moving part - a carefully balanced rotating impellor. There is no contact between the impellor and the housing thus eliminating abrasion and wear. 

The unit is completely oil free, and the suction and discharge ports have built in silencers that reduce noise levels to a minimum.

Full Description


  • Small air pad - 0.4kW blower
  • Inground spa air injectors (spa up to 3m) - 1.1kW blower/1.5kW blower
  • Air lounger - 1.1kW blower
  • Double air lounger - 1.5kW blower
  • Large air pad - 1.5kW blower
  • Vitality spa (4 loungers) - 2.2kW blower
  • Volcano air pad - 2.2kW blower
  • In-ground spa injector (over 3.6m) - 2.2kW blower

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