Waterway Iron Might

Waterway Circulation Pumps

A quality pump found on a wide range of hot tubs.

Full Description

Waterway Iron Mighty


  • Circulation pump
  • 1/8hp
  • 230v
  • 1.5" plumbing connections
  • Works with Hyrdospa, Costco, Southwest Spas including the Bali Spa, Fiji Spa, Stereo Spa, Pacific Spa, 2000 Spa and Kauai Spa amongst others
  • Unions for this pump can be purchased separately 

Water Tiny Might 


  • Circulation pump
  • 200w
  • 230v
  • 1" plumbing connections
  • Works with Coast Mountain Spas and Southwest Spas, Sierra Spas
  • Rear fan cools the pump in operation
  • Small & quiet 
  • Energy efficient
  • Unions can be purchased separately 

*Please note that this pump comes with 2 temporary wire stubs, which should be replaced on site with standard cable*

Waterway Tiny Might
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