Aquaness V3 Pool Bike

Aquabiking: a sport for everyone offers many virtues combining the benefits of biking and water aerobics.

Water cycling is a gentle but high-calorie-burning exercise, suitable for all ages, and is a great way to get fit. Water exerts pressure and provides resistance across every part of your body that is submerged under water. This means that you get a complete muscular work out as your muscles work non-stop. This type of exercise is also suitable for those recovering from injury.

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Aquaness Bikes For the Pool or Swim Spam - (Private or Public Pool, Medical Rehabilitation) Aquabiking : a sport for everyone with many virtues combining the benefits of the bike for water aerobics. Aquabiking or Aquacycling is a great sport in order to keep fit, sculpt your legs, improve your figure and fight against cellulite. Gentle on the joints, Aquabiking uses the resistance of water, combines cardiovascular virtues to those pedaling with a constant water massage which promotes the venous and lymphatic drainage, which effectively fights against the feeling of heavy legs, water and retention and cellulite. Aquaness Bikes are suitable for professional athletes, physical training, injury recovery and rehabilitation and general fitness for all ages.


- Underwater Exercise Bike

- Suitable for use in Public & Private Pools

- Remarkably light - 9.8kg

- Frame designed for maximum stability in water

- Hypo-allergenic pedals suitable for barefoot cycling

- Two component epoxy paint (High resistance to salt & chlorine)

- use in pool depth up to 1.60m

- Adjustable collar seat height for quick release

- Adjustable pedals to set individual resistance level

- Adjustable aluminium handlebar

- Stainless steel nuts and bolts

- Protective pads with optional suckers cups for liner pools

- Floor dimensions : 66cm

- Made in France

- 2 Year Warranty

 White Available From Stock

Colours Special Order - Allow 2 - 3 Weeks for delivery

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