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The Aqua Twin II is an easy to use resistance system for your feet to help derive maximum benefit from any type of aqua fitness session.          

The lightweight foam footplate provides hydro-resistence excellent therapy workout.

Full Description

Comfortable to wear and durable the Aqua Twins II uses a lightweight EVA foam footplate to provide hydro-resistance around the full range of motion of your feet, ankles, knees, legs and hips and can be combined with wrist resistance devices or Aqua Dumbells for a full body workout.

The Aqua Twin II uses the water in two ways

1) The water’s load bearing attributes allow for slow, low impact movement that place less stress on the body’s joints and articulations making Aqua Twin II ideal for general fitness and strength as well as rehabilitation.
2) The natural resistance the water provides when wearing the Aqua Twin II also helps to stimulate musculature development and general endurance without over stressing any specific body mechanic.


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