Jolly Gel Flocculant

Jolly Gel flocculant

Jolly Gel is a flocculant that is very easy to use and each cube keeps on working for up to 3 weeks. Jolly Gel's unique formula will help to remove the finest particles - even dust - from your pool water. 

Jolly Gel is the only flocculant proven to work with sand, Zeolitic filter media and glass media. Jolly gel removes algae and reduces chlorine consumption.

Full Description

Directions for use: For fast results, place one cube in the pump basket rather than the skimmer basket. Leave the filter running until the water becomes clear - usually within 24 hours, then backwash and rinse. Keep pH between 7.2 -7.6, and Alkalinity between 80-200mg/1

Use one cube for pools from 20m3 - 60m3

NB: Do not use with cartridge pumps and do not place cube near chlorine tablets


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