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  1. Vacuum Pool Bottom.
  2. Backwash Filter / Clean Cartridge.
  3. Check and adjust pH to 7.4
  4. Shock dose with Shock Chlorine granules.
  5. Add Long life algaecide or Summerclear.
  6. Test pH and Chlorine daily,adjust pH / add Stabilized Chlorine as indicated.
  7. Shock dose automatically every week or after a 'Pool party' or at the first hint of any 'Green' in the water or before going on holiday.


Filters must run fora minimum of 8 hours per day. You cannot 'over' filter the pool, the morefiltration you do the clearer the water.

Sand filters should be backwashed ( the filter bed clearedof captured dirt ) once a week. The sand need not be changed for several years.

Cartridges should be cleaned every other day - soaking incartridge cleaner is best.

At least one new cartridge should be bought each season.

Never mix chemicals together.

Have a bucket and mixing stick that you only use for poolchemicals. Dilute all chemicals fully in warm water before adding to the pool.

Run the filter for 2 hours after adding chemicals - Sandfilters in 'Re-circulate' mode - Cartridge filters with cartridge out.

Do chemical test on schedule - especially chlorine pools.Lack of Chemical testing = Inadequate dosing =Green pool = AGGRAVATION !!


Check and adjust pH to 7.4.

Shock dose with shock chlorine granules ( double/tripleusual shock dose amount ).

Run filter continuously, until pool clears. Backwash/cleancartridge every hour.

Stubborn cases may require a 50% water change in addition to above.

Our recommendation for all above ground pools is to switchyour chemical system from Chlorine to the 'BLUE CRYSTAL' system which is a non-chlorinesystem which requires only once a week checking. Please ring for details and abrochure - it could save you such a lot of effort.


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