Jolly Gel

Supercharged Gel cube for spas and pools. A phosphate remover and water clarifier that keeps the water polished, clean & sparkling clear.

Full Description

  • Phosphate removal
  • clears hazy water appearance
  • Shines, Clarifies and Polishes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Works with cartridge filters, sand and glass media

NB do not use with DE Filters

How to Apply

Simply tear off front and back stickers and drop the dispenser unit into your skimmer basket or filter chamber area and within 48 hours achieve supercharged clarity for up to 4 weeks

If you have a cartridge filter clean filters regularly if you have a sand filter back wash once a week.

Its Properties

Revolutionary gel delivery flocculant technology for Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools that enhances the clarity, sparkles and polishes the water. It releases a proprietary blend of proven active ingredients that bind and trap contaminants and residues 24 hours a day including Phosphates and Mustard Algae. This immediate action on contaminants and ongoing reduction in contaminant load, reduces the overall maintenance requirements of the spa. Risky and unsanitary build up, requiring additional sanitizer is prevented, and Filter efficiency additionally improved. Works with Cartridge Filter systems to give you year round crystal clear, sparkling and polished water with one simple application. 

Products categoriesChemicals, Chlorine, Non-Chlorine

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