How to get green pool water clear

Algae Eliminator

Algae Eliminator has been formulated to destroy existing green, black and mustard algae. When used as per the instructions it will clear algae infested pools.

Full Description

Cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool involves cleaning the pool filters and pump filters, checking the water's chemical balance and adding chemicals to the water. Poor water filtration and circulation, as well as a lack of chemical maintenance can allow a thick green mold to appear in your pool. This green mold is actually algae: plant-like organisms that multiply in the sun. The growth of green algae is a common problem in swimming pools and can turn the water green and cloudy, float on the surface in clumps or cling to pool walls. The AlgaeEliminator will remove algae growth from your swimming pool if you follow the instructions.

Directions for use in heavily infested water

  1. Run filter continuously.
  2. Adjust PH to between 7.0 and 7.2.
  3. Brush walls and floor to help remove the algae
  4. Shock chlorinate pool water with shock granules. Add 550g per10m2 (2.5kg per 9000gallons)
  5. Wait 24 hours before adding calculated volume of Algae Eliminator directly above water inlets: 2 litres per 40,000 litres (9,000 gallons)
  6. For effective removal of dead Algae leave filter plant running continuously, back wash regularly and add clear tabs to your skimmer to help remove suspended solids and fine particles to create sparkling pool water.
  7. Ensure that the solar cover and automatic pool cleaner are removed during the above operation.


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